Mimi Moore

B.A., LL.B., LL.M., ACC

Mimi is a lawyer and strategic adviser.  She is an executive coach and the CEO of exeCoaching International – a boutique coaching, consulting and advisory firm that offers tailored services to organizations, and to current and aspiring c-suite executives around the world. 

As an executive coach, Mimi provides a confidential coaching environment, free of judgement, where clients are encouraged to articulate their values, explore ideas, discover, learn and grow.  Clients gain clarity, insight and greater self awareness that support a style of leadership that is consistent with their core values - enabling them to push their executive performance to greater heights.

The value she brings to her clients is derived from the awareness and insight she has gained throughout her career spanning over 25 years in both the public and private sectors.


Mimi is accredited as an Associate Certified Coach and is a member of the International Coach Federation; she is also a valued member of the Forbes Coaches Council.  Mimi is an authentic leader who uniquely blends a dynamic style with an empathetic ear.

Mimi is actively engaged in her community and beyond.  She is the Chair of The Rolling Barber – a local, not-for-profit charitable organization that offers grooming services to people experiencing homelessness in the streets of the National Capital Region. She is a founding member of Women for Mental Health of the Royal Ottawa Hospital.  As a former host mom, Mimi now acts as a regional development and outreach ambassador for AFS Canada – a not-for-profit, international organization that promotes intercultural and educational youth exchange experiences around the world in an effort to create more just, peaceful, inclusive and interconnected societies globally.  She has served on the Board of Directors for UNIFEM Canada being the United Nations Development Fund for Women. She has also served as Chair of the Board for Canada – a not-for-profit, international organization that aims to eliminate stigmas attributed to individuals whose lives are affected by mental illness and suicide.  Mimi has been the Chair of the Governance and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Safety Council – a local, not-for-profit organization that promotes road and pedestrian safety.

Mimi loves coffee and chai lattes in the morning and bonfires at night.  She loves to read, run, travel and laugh!  She currently lives in Chelsea, Québec (Canada) where she enjoys the great Canadian outdoors with her husband & best friend Ryan, and 3 of their 6 active – and wickedly funny – kids!

Elly Saidi

Elly has over 25 years of experience in business management, real-estate development, and as an executive/life coach. She is the founder and CEO of a registered charity supporting social enterprise for at- risk youth and is a certified yoga instructor. Elly has successfully re-invented her career throughout her life and she draws on this diverse experience in her coaching work.

Elly knows first-hand the life challenges that we can face through upheaval and loss. She and her family immigrated to Canada as Baha’i religious refugees after fleeing to India from Iran where she was born. She was witness to the impact of state and religious persecution as a child and, in India, experienced the poverty and challenges faced by women and children around her. Elly has lost two younger siblings, both while she was a child and as an adult. She knows grief first-hand as well as the challenges of family suffering from mental health and addiction. She brings to her coaching extensive experience in different modalities to navigate through and grow from these life challenges.

Elly views her life experiences as the sum of her riches and she thrives on bringing theses riches to her coaching as a catalyst for change in others, helping them to navigate their own journey of self discovery and growth to further their life and careers.

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