Mimi Moore
B.A., LL.B., LL.M., ACC

Mimi is a lawyer and strategic adviser.  She is an executive coach and the CEO of exeCoaching International – a boutique coaching, consulting and advisory firm that offers tailored services to organizations, and to current and aspiring c-suite executives around the world. 

As an executive coach, Mimi provides a confidential coaching environment, free of judgement, where clients are encouraged to articulate their values, explore ideas, discover, learn and grow.  Clients gain clarity, insight and greater self awareness that support a style of leadership that is consistent with their core values - enabling them to push their executive performance to greater heights.

Mimi is an authentic leader who uniquely blends a dynamic style with an empathetic ear.  The value she brings to her clients is derived from the awareness and insight she has gained throughout her career spanning over 25 years in both the public and private sectors.


Mimi is accredited as an Associate Certified Coach and is a member of the International Coach Federation; she is also a valued member of the Forbes Coaches Council and is the Co-Founder of the Canada-UK Emerging Leaders Program.

Mimi is actively engaged in her community and beyond.  She is a contributor to the Mentoring Women in Business Program at The Cherie Blair Foundation where she acts as one of their valuable mentors - mandated to foster relationships that will support women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, and close the global gender gap in entrepreneurship.  When women attain financial independence and are economically empowered, everyone benefits. 


Mimi is also the Chair of The Rolling Barber – a local, not-for-profit charitable organization that offers grooming services to people experiencing homelessness in the streets of the National Capital Region. She is a founding member of Women for Mental Health of the Royal Ottawa Hospital.  As a former host mom, Mimi now acts as a regional development and outreach ambassador for AFS Canada – a not-for-profit, international organization that promotes intercultural and educational youth exchange experiences around the world in an effort to create more just, peaceful, inclusive and interconnected societies globally.  She has served on the Board of Directors for UNIFEM Canada being the United Nations Development Fund for Women. She has also served as Chair of the Board for Canada – a not-for-profit, international organization that aims to eliminate stigmas attributed to individuals whose lives are affected by mental illness and suicide.  Mimi has been the Chair of the Governance and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Safety Council – a local, not-for-profit organization that promotes road and pedestrian safety.

Mimi loves coffee and chai lattes in the morning and bonfires at night.  She loves to read, run, travel and laugh!  She currently lives in Chelsea, Québec (Canada) where she enjoys the great Canadian outdoors with her partner & best friend Ryan, and 3 of their 6 active – and wickedly funny – kids!

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Elly Saidi

Elly is accredited as an Associate Certified Coach and member of the International Coach Federation.  Elly has over 25 years of experience in business management, real-estate development, and as an executive/life coach.  She is the Founder and Director of United World Voices – a Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities.  Their programs support education, basic health initiatives, and secure livelihoods through life skills and vocational training. United World Voices focuses on the whole individual as well as the community with integrated programs to create the conditions for long term, sustainable impact.  Since its inception, United World Voices programs have benefitted thousands of youth, many of whom identify as Indigenous or are associated with marginalized immigrant populations.

Elly knows first-hand the life challenges that we can face through upheaval and loss. She and her family immigrated to Canada as Baha’i religious refugees after fleeing to India from Iran where she was born. She was witness to the impact of state and religious persecution as a child and, in India, experienced the poverty and challenges faced by women and children around her. Elly has lost two younger siblings, both while she was a child and as an adult. She knows grief first-hand as well as the challenges of family suffering from mental health and addiction. She brings to her coaching extensive experience in different modalities to navigate through and grow from these life challenges.

She has successfully re-invented her career throughout her life and she views her life experiences as the sum of her riches.  She thrives on bringing theses riches to her coaching practice as a catalyst for change in others, helping them to navigate their own journey of self discovery and growth to further their life and careers.  


Elly is also a certified yoga instructor.  She integrates meditation and breath work into her coaching practice. 

She loves that very first cup of coffee every morning!   She enjoys running and rock climbing, and she is a life learner.  She lives in Ottawa, Canada's national capital, with her partner Carl whom she describes as her rock of Gibraltar. 

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Julian Saipe

A former entrepreneur and business leader, Julian’s work now includes leadership coaching and executive education, with the aim of bringing new consciousness to human performance. Julian’s career spans 20 years of entrepreneurship, leadership, and humanistic psychology training and practice.

Julian began his career as an opera singer and performed at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden for 8 years. After a decision to give up professional singing, he founded ‘Zafferano’ which became one of London’s highly acclaimed food and event management brands. The Company was acquired in 2018 and Julian exited the business.


Julian now coaches top performers, CEOs and executive teams, and runs leadership development training programmes internationally. He is Co-Founder of the Canada-UK Emerging Leaders Program, Adjunct Professor at IE Business School Madrid, a Forbes Contributor & Member of the Coaches Council, and a speaker for Vistage International, an international peer mentoring and coaching organisation for CEOs.


Julian is a board advisor for a range of technology businesses.  He is a board trustee for PHET – the Polack’s House Educational Trust – an independent charitable organisation that provides scholarships and bursaries for Jewish children from year seven onwards.  He is also a board trustee for Tzedek – a UK-based registered charity which aims to provide a Jewish response to the problem of extreme global poverty.  Tzedek has a number of overseas development programmes, works closely with local NGOs to alleviate extreme poverty in Northern Ghana and Northeast & Southeast India.   Tzedek aims to develop the leadership skills of young Jewish leaders within the community to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to global poverty.


Julian is the UK Ambassador for The Abraham Initiatives, a shared societal project for Arabs and Jews in Israel that aims to create widespread positive social change in the field of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. 

Julian lives in London and Cornwall, UK with his partner Lucie and their five children.  Passionate about nature and the great outdoors, Julian also loves good food and exercise.

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Gina Lento

Gina is an executive coach and business adviser.  The wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings to her clients stem from being a former bench scientist turned serial COO for biotech startups. She has four university degrees from three countries in biochemistry, molecular biology, drug evaluation and pharmaceutical science. After nearly 20 years in founding and running startup businesses and a national industry association, Gina formalized her empirical knowledge with an MBA in Healthcare Administration.


As a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand, Gina has lived and developed lasting bonds in both countries. Known as intensely curious and reputed for turning that curiosity into actionable reality or rescuing million-dollar projects from circling the drain, she has a diverse background with career chapters in academia, the private sector, and government service.


At the pinnacle of her NZ government career in national economic development, Gina served as New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as Consul General Designate to New York from 2005-2008.


Bringing all three chapters together, Gina created a summer school program at the University of Auckland to train together in teams a group of young scientists interested in business basics and seasoned business veterans looking to invest in the wonders of biology. The program’s success catapulted the Schools of Business and Biological Sciences at The University of Auckland to use it as the basis for a fully accredited 3-year Masters in Bio Enterprise degree program celebrating its 16th graduating class in 2021.


Gina knows the personal trauma and family impact of several of life’s challenges: infertility, mental illness, grief, divorce, and job loss. She also knows the triumphant joy of recovery, the enduring love of family and friends, and strength of community. She is trained in the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Friends and Family program and an ordained Presbyterian deacon.


Gina continually marvels at the wonder of being human and genuinely treasures collecting life stories from people she meets. Warm and witty, she embodies that enviable quality of being able to recognize, characterize and draw out the best in others.  Gina and her gorgeous Irish-Kiwi husband and their two amazing children split their time between Austin, Texas and Auckland, New Zealand.

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Jim Dimanis

Jim is a transformational leadership coach, strategic business adviser, and sought-after speaker with more than two decades of experience as a multifamily and commercial real estate executive serving both the public and private sectors. His business acumen and deep understanding of diverse real estate verticals, including real estate development and property management, give him unique insights into managing complex projects.  



The founder and CEO of Fidere Management, Inc., Jim combines his experience as a corporate executive with his training as a coach and his talent for leadership, strategy, restructuring, and team-building to transform executives into leaders and grow boutique businesses into highly-regarded corporations. 



A strategic and highly intuitive leader, Jim has an uncanny ability to assess complex business situations, connect with others, so they feel heard and valued, and chart a path forward. He is dedicated to helping executives mature into transformational leaders and knows that the journey requires commitment, vulnerability, and hard work. He travels this path with his clients, giving them the support and encouragement they need to hold themselves accountable, make mistakes, and lean into the discomfort.  



Jim is a FLOW certified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. He is a lifelong learner and actively seeks opportunities for professional development and continuing education. He has earned certificates in leading sustainable strategic change, financial analysis, and executive management.  



He is actively involved in the business community. For several years, he served as Master of Ceremonies at the Canadian Apartment Symposium Series. He spoke at the Keyspire Real Estate Investing Wealth Tour and the Vancouver Real Estate Forum. He was the keynote speaker at the Building Stronger Partners Real Estate Conference, hosted by the Edmonton Realtors Association. In 2021, the Lieutenant Governor in Council appointed Jim to serve as board chair of the Office of the Employer Adviser for the Province of Ontario. 



Jim is a tireless advocate for affordable housing and ending homelessness. Early in his career, he worked for the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. More recently, he served on the board of homeEd, an affordable housing organization in Edmonton, and the Edmonton Apartment Association. He also served as the capital campaign chair to raise funds for a supportive housing project developed by the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta. 



Jim lives in Ontario, Canada, where he is an avid practitioner of martial arts. He enjoys hiking, spending time with his family, and advocating for a better world.